General Contracting 101

  • Darien Rosas
  • September 20th, 2018
  • 9:00 am

If you have ever had a construction project done or been in the business around one, which means you have probably heard or even collaborated with a general contractor. Many people are familiar with the term but only know the basics or bare minimum of what goes into being a general contractor. A general contractor can range from jobs such as residential to commercial. They could range from being a small contractor led by one person or could be led by a company such as Warfeather in Coweta, Oklahoma whom has been in business for nine years in general contracting commercial jobs. Though the name general contractor can sound simple and easy to understand, there is a lot more in depth of their role and responsibilities that people should be aware of. The importance of a general contractor such as Warfeather is key to a construction project.

In simpler terms, a general contractor is responsible of overseeing a construction project and is in charge of everything going on. They can overseer work from residential or commercial jobs, such as homes to actual skyscrapers or businesses. Depending on the company or scenario a person starts general contracting as; most people expect an education in construction and on the job experience before employing.

A general contractor such as Warfeather in Coweta, Oklahoma assumes many responsibilities on a construction project. Many people believe general contractors just check in on the project and then leave it at that. The responsibilities and duties are way more than that and the construction project is reliant on the general contractors to be completed. The responsibilities can vary from job to job depending on the company or person. The first responsibility of a general contractor is to seek out a construction job needing to be done and place a proposal or estimate. A general contractor is responsible for estimating the price of materials, calculating labor costs, and estimating costs with subcontractors on the project. These responsibilities are vital to estimates and proposals before they are handed in for a potential job.

Once a general contractor such as Warfeather in Coweta, Oklahoma is chosen to work on a construction project, they will have to make sure everyone and everything is in order once the project begins construction. General contractors normally oversee adding subcontractors to take care of plumbing, electricity, and other essential things if it not something they already equipped for. They will oversee and guide everyone working on the project, making sure deadlines are met and everything goes smoothly.

The most important aspect of a general contractor is choosing the perfect one for a project. General contractors such as Warfeather in Coweta, Oklahoma are integral to completing a construction job; they are normally apart of all aspects of each project. Choosing the right general contractor is beyond important for jobs. An inexperienced contractor can lead to jobs falling apart and costs going haywire because of mistakes or things they do not have the ability to oversee. Finding a general contractor with an established business and with a physical base of operation is a very good sign that you are going in the right direction. Another sign is how well there background looks and reviews on their previous jobs, you want to look for how much experience they have and how well they do their job. Finally, the biggest sign that they are reliable and professional with their contracting work is they giving you a well thought out written detailed proposal of the project. General contractors are the key to producing an exceptional construction project. If you are searching for a general contractor, give Warfeather in Coweta, Oklahoma a call at 918-486-0020!

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