Roles A General Contractor Takes On

  • Darien Rosas
  • August 10th, 2018
  • 4:30pm

General contractors such as Warfeather in Coweta, Oklahoma have the task of overseeing all onsite aspects of a construction project. The general contractor is who employees that are doing any work for the project contact for assistance, information, or anything regarding the project. Their number one job is to supervise everyone’s jobs on a construction site and make sure everything is completed efficiently and effectively. Though to make it through a project is a lot of responsibility and work, and the general contractor has to take on many roles to see it through.

One of the roles is essentially acting as a therapist on the construction project. A construction site can be incredibly stressful due design flaws, delays, or conflicts that need to be solved. Whether it is the client venting about the project or a subcontractor or constructer, the general contractor is the one to listen and talk them through everything. A general contractor such as Warfeather is always willing to listen and help ease their frustrations, thoughts, and worries.

The general contractor often plays the role of a mediator to resolve conflicts that might arise on construction projects. A construction site impacts many parties such as neighboring businesses, subcontractors, architects, and the list goes on. With so many people involved and around a construction project, there are arguments and fights that can appear between parties. Construction could be delayed and it’s causing congestion or lack of business for other people. Construction workers might be working too late into the day causing noises and interruptions for others later in the day or evening. Whatever the problem might between people, it is the general contractor who will have to mediate the problems and find a resolution to appease all the parties involved.

General contractors have often dealt with banks, loan, and insure companies over the years to be able to play a role as financial advisor. They have experience with working with financial struggles or financing projects. Many would be able to offer advice on financial knowledge of the project.

Another role general contractors fill the shoes of is being a realist when it comes to projects. Though everything may seem smooth sailing on paper and construction going seemingly well, there are bound to be issues or delays that pop up that are unforeseen. The general contractor is focused on making sure everyone is on the same page and to be prepared for any problems that may appear. It can be easy to assume everything will go to according to plan, but that is not how life works and a general contractor like Warfeather in Coweta, Oklahoma is here to make sure people understand that and to not have unrealistic expectations.

General contractors also have the role of being secretaries for construction jobs. It would be a dream if everything went accordingly to plan and there would not have to be extra legwork but that is not the case. Construction projects come with surprises and everything needs to be resolved and recorded for future reference. The general contractor has the task of keeping record of payments, progress, issues, resolutions, and changes in the plan. They have many conversations, emails, notes, texts, and other tasks that require secretary work.

There are so many roles and responsibilities that a general contractor has to fill in for. A construction project is not a one-man show, there are many aspects that going into creating and completing them. Though with a motivated and focused general contractor like Warfeather in Coweta, Oklahoma, the roles can be filled and will be done with efficiency. Call Warfeather at 918-486-0020 for general contracting services!

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